Core Values

Our highest priorities and most deeply held beliefs.

Our Core Values

They are our fundamental driving forces for our gym. They are the heart of what we stand for and live by. By aligning our actions with our core values and beliefs, we can become better every day.

Progress Not Perfection

man holding barbell in gym

The reality is, we’re imperfect people striving for perfection, and we have to learn to celebrate our progress. Perfection isn’t possible. But, a constant effort and a constant celebrating of our progress is possible. The more we celebrate our progress, the more progress we’re likely to make. And the psychological encouragement that comes from knowing that we are actually making progress is incredibly powerful.

Be a Positive Influence

If you look around you, you’ll see three kinds of people – those who hate exercise and complain bitterly, those who just tolerate working out and see it more as a punishment, and finally, those who believe it is a blessing, not a chore. We work out because we are grateful we physically can. People with a positive attitude are driven, focused, committed, and lit up from the inside. It doesn’t always mean an external expression of a big smile or high five, it is something more meaningful that comes from deep within. Being a positive influence means we inspire to bring out the best, not the brokenness, in others and ourselves.

Believe You Can

In other words, we never say we can’t. Instead, we focus on the positive and what we are able to do. It’s not that we ignore problems or limitations, but we focus our attention on what we can do. The first part of this is eliminating self-doubt and believing we can’t. Life outside the gym knocks you down enough, our gym is a place of “I can” where we expect the best possible outcome as long as we are willing to consistently work towards our goals.

Never Settle

By never settling, we commit to continually bettering ourselves. We strive to embrace the fact that there isn’t a “complete” – there are always gaps, biases, limitations, and new goals to set. We use a “beginner’s mind” and a hard-working, coachable heart – with an openness to see, learn, and experience new things. Fitness is not a destination that we reach. Our goals, needs, and abilities are constantly evolving as we age. Even though life will happen, we do not settle for what is perceived as the norm.

Own It

We own our confidence, ambition and drive necessary to show up each day. Instead of complaining about our situations, and doing nothing about it – we will own it. By owning it, we stop trying to use the past to validate the present, if anything we use it to motivate us to act differently and encourage us to want to change unhealthy habits. Ultimately, we are responsible for the effort we put in and also our own safety while doing so. For example, inside the gym, our effort does not equal adding more weight while using bad movement. Effort is owning where you are at and that can be related to either the emotional or physical. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. We will own our mindset, effort, and workouts and know how to modify both life and the barbell as needed.

All In

woman working out with weights in the gym

We are fully committed to our endeavor. Life is way too short to settle for anything less than what we truly want and we are going to go for things. Ultimately, we are all here to better ourselves outside of the gym. It may be for our families, personal goals, or other reasons. But, whatever the reason, we are doing it with an “all in” attitude. We make our fitness habits a lifestyle and refuse to settle for only making this a way of life while inside the gym. We look for mountains to climb, races to run, and oceans to swim. Our health and fitness journey is a continuous progression toward the goals in our life and for them to happen you must be all in. Be “all in” – take on challenges, eat great food, laugh with amazing people, and try to take these core values with you everywhere!