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Whether your goal is weight loss, increased strength, or performance improvement, our gym serves all ages at any ability to help you achieve your goals.

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Weight Loss & Strength

Prioritize your health by challenging your body consistently in the right ways to burn excess body fat and increase lean muscle. Our programming encourages your body to safely adapt and change which results in fat loss and increased strength. If you lack direction, it makes it very tough to improve and see your progress. Our gym will give you the training framework needed to be successful in reaching your goals.

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Health & Longevity

You are more likely to experience long-term benefits in your overall health and wellness markers if you can make fitness a lifestyle. One benefit of joining our gym is that you form a relationship and sense of community with everyone else who is showing up at the same time as you. Knowing your #flightcrew will keep you accountable when you don’t show up and motivated when you think about skipping a workout.

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Look Good, Feel Good

We are dedicated to helping you feel and look your best. Together, we can set realistic goals and get you on track towards making a real change in your life. Our gym isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Our members each come to the gym with different body types, energy levels, and mindsets. The thing we do have in common is that we all want to walk out the door each day feeling accepted, challenged, and positive about what lies ahead.


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Make us your final fitness destination! Come try our programming for free. None of us will ever arrive at “perfection”, but we want to give you a gym where you feel comfortable being yourself yet challenged to be the best version of yourself.

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From The Flight Crew


“I walked through the doors with no athletic experience or in shape at all. It doesn’t matter what level you start at, the coaches and community you find here make you a better person and push you just the right amount to make so many positive changes in your life!

– Stephanie V.


“I love this place, the people are super friendly and the coaches actually care about you and your performance goals. The workouts are amazing and you will get what you put into them, out of them.

– Nate K.


“I enjoy the positive upbeat community. I am in my mid 50’s and feel very much like 40! I suspect I will be going strong when I’m in my 80’s. If you are thinking of joining us, then just do it, do it now.

– Dan A.